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Vanastree: The Documentary seeks to share not only the inner workings of the cooperative, but also the voices and perspectives of its members. It follows Manorama Joshi, a seed-leader, entrepreneur and key organizer of the cooperative who reaches out to new members and keeps the spirit of the women high; Sunita Rao, the founder of Vanastree whose vision continues to inspire those around her; Shyamala Hegde who works to preserve biodiversity and educate others in her region, and many more.

The women are the heart of Vanastree and the core of this story.

As told by the women of Vanastree, the film focusses on their lives, concerns, dreams, hopes, and accomplishments. It presents the efforts, challenges and successes of the collective as they work to generate critical solutions to regional problems and improve local communities. At its core this film is about hardship and perseverance, environmental challenges and conservation, women who are relegated to their homes and women who are working for change. This is a film about empowerment and a way forward. Visit the filmmakers’ site at

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Vanastree: Women of the Forest from Skye Toth Productions on Vimeo.


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