We consider documentation and recording of oral information and stories an important aspect of our work. Over the years Vanastree has produced—in English and Kannada—booklets, reports and other materials on forest home gardens, ethnoculinary cuisine, and community eco-enterprises. Vernacular publications have ensured that the written word has retained features of the local dialect and special Malnad phrases, rather than conform to standard Kannada.

vanastree publications nelli 02
Vanastree’s Nelli Recipe Booklet

Vanastree Publications Nelli Kannada 03
Vanastree’s Nelli Recipe Booklet (Kannada)

vanastree publications edible garden classroom 01
The Edible Garden Classroom. Teacher Plus. December 2011

Vanastree Deforestation Report 04
Deforestation in Uttara Kannada District – Kanataka, India

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