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Vanastree-Seeds and Products-1Banana Fig: Made from a delicious Malnad banana variety, this is a healthy sugar-free snack with no added preservatives. Excellent to eat as is to satisfy your sweet tooth—or to use in breakfast cereals, trail mixes, baking, and adding to sheera, payasam/kheer or other Indian sweets.

Ginger Bite: Spicy-sweet ginger candy. All occasion treat and a remedy for travel sickness and loss of appetite.

Honey: Sustainably harvested apiary honey using native bees that forage in the forests, orchards and home gardens of the Western Ghats. Honey bees are a threatened species worldwide.

Jackfruit Papad: Organic, unripe jack made into papads the traditional way—by grinding into a paste and sun drying on banana leaves. Irresistable fried or roasted with a drop of coconut oil on top.

Jaggery: A flavourful honey-like product made with organically grown sugarcane. Great as a sweetener. Rich in iron and good for anaemia.

Kokam Nectar: Drink kokam not Coke! A deliciously tart drink that will have you hooked. Great with water or soda. No added chemicals or water, just the neat stuff processed the old fashioned way—sitting out in the sun for 21 days.

Kokam Rind: Dried kokam used as a souring agent for sambhar, soups, soul khadi and more.

Turmeric Powder: Good old turmeric from the good old Malnad home gardens. Use for cooking, coughs and medicinal purposes.

Vatey Powder: A absolutely unique souring agent that will add a zing and flavour to your chutneys, dals, and vegetables. Vatey is a relative of jack but is a wild tree that grows in the evergreen forests of the Western Ghats.

Organic Seeds:

Vanastree-Seeds and Products-2Farmers and gardeners of the Vanastree collective save seeds of vegetables and flowers. These seeds are organic, open pollinated, and available for planting in food gardens (including urban terraces) all over the Indian sub-continent. Seeds are exchanged and gifted as a tradition in the Malnad which we have encouraged and endorsed as a priceless community activity.

We present here a list of seasonal seeds available for planting. These come as individual packets or as starter kits of 8-12 packets in attractive, handmade origami boxes. Tubers and other planting material are only available at our Malnad Melas depending on the season.

Non Foods and Crafts:

Indigo Hair Colour: Long sought after for a variety of purposes, the powdered leaves of Indigo will safely colour your hair black when combined with henna. Try plain indigo for a special blue tint if your hair is white enough to take it.

Kokam Butter Balms: Kokam butter is an age-old beauty aid and remedy for the skin. The oil is hand extracted from sun-dried, roasted kokam seeds and made into various balms. Apart from being a non-greasy skin emollient, our kokam butter balm also addresses some chronic skin conditions.

*Body Butter with Vanilla
*Insect Repellent with Citronella
*Skin Salve – wonderful for cracked heels and damaged skin. Used and approved by salt pan workers who work in extreme conditions and have serious skin conditions.

Natural Holi Colours: Vibrant all-natural colours made from turmeric, indigo, lemons, and other plants. Safe for the skin, eyes and our planet. Available in bulk or a five color set of red, yellow, orange, green and blue. Play safe!

Patchwork and Saree Quilts/Bedspreads: Each bedspread (single or double) is hand-stitched from sarees laid one over the other, or from fabric patches reflecting the diverse weaving traditions of India. Each one is a stand alone since the same design can never be repeated. Crafted by women whose families have been quilting for generations.

Soapnut Scrub: This all-natural mix of soap nut (shikakai) and soap berry (ritha) has become a favourite—whether it is to scrub dishes, wash silks and wools, clean tiles/sinks/toilet bowls or just use as a bath scrub or shampoo. Wash water can be used for the garden and your hands stay soft and protected from harsh chemical detergents.
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