Vanastree Volunteers 1We accept volunteers at Vanastree based on need and circumstance. Our preferred volunteers have typically been folks from the Friends of Vanastree circle, or those who have connected with us through a known link and personal reference. We welcome up to two volunteers at a time in the Malnad and Mysuru regions who can visit for a minimum of a week. Work will depend on the season, our own activities at that time, the skills the volunteer comes with, and what s/he would like to do. We charge a boarding and lodging fee to cover logistic and other costs. Applications are vetted in advance to ensure a good match and that expectations both ways are realistic.

I felt warmth and affection, and an inclusion into their world that only Vanastree could have provided me with. I feel extremely grateful for one of the most meaningful experiences ever.
—Shruthi N.S., Vanastree volunteer 2013

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